Pavilion Rental

All rentals of the Blythe Veteran’s Pavilion located at 304 Church Street, Blythe, Georgia, are on a first come, first serve basis.  The rented premises, hereinafter referred to as the “Facility”, shall include the Blythe Veteran’s Pavilion, prep area, and restrooms.  All booking dates are tentative until the agreement is returned to and accepted by the City of Blythe and deposit is paid.  The minimum age requirement for renting the Facility is twenty-one (21) years of age.  The renting party must be present at the Facility at all times during the rental period.  The Facility and the premises, on which it is located, both inside and outside, must be left clean.  The City of Blythe will not be responsible for articles left on the premises.  Any damages to the Facility or to any other part of the Veteran’s Pavilion during the rental period will be repaired by the City of Blythe or by a contractor obtained by the City of Blythe and shall be paid for by the renting party.  The City of Blythe shall not be liable for any injuries resulting from activities occurring at the Facility or on the premises thereof.  Any renting party who fails to adhere to the policies set forth in this agreement shall be denied further rental of City of Blythe facilities in the future.

A security and cleaning deposit of $100.00 is due at the time of the booking of the Facility.  If the Facility is returned in a clean and undamaged condition, with all trash removed the security and cleaning deposit shall be refunded to the renting party within twenty (20) days after the event.  Otherwise, the security deposit and cleaning deposit will be applied by the City of Blythe to the costs of cleaning and/or repairing the Facility or other parts of the Blythe Veteran’s Pavilion.  Any costs incurred for cleaning and/or repairing the premises which exceed the amount of the deposit shall be paid by the renting party within ten (10) days of the event.  The renting party must provide the City of Blythe with his or her valid mailing address and residential (physical) address and correct social security number.  The renting party agrees that the addresses given shall be valid for service upon the renting party of demand for payment of repair and/or cleaning costs in excess of the security and cleaning deposit incurred by the City of Blythe.

The rental period shall be established at the time of booking.  The rental rate shall be $75.00 per day (8 am – 8 pm) for residents of the City of Blythe and $100.00 per day (8 am – 8 pm) for non-residents of the City of Blythe and shall be paid in full at the time of bookingIf the date of booking is less than thirty (30) days from the date the Facility is reserved, the rental fee and security and cleaning deposit shall be paid in cash.  If the event is cancelled by notice to the City of Blythe at least two weeks prior to the date reserved, the full rental and deposit shall be refunded.  If the event is cancelled later than two weeks prior to the date reserved, the full deposit and one-half of the rental payment shall be refunded. 

Certain events shall necessitate the presence of security officers from the City of Blythe Police Department and/or the Augusta-Richmond County Fire Department.  The necessity of such officers shall be determined by the City of Blythe.  The renting party shall pay each such officer $18.00 per hour in cash, in advance.  Each such officer shall be paid for a minimum period of four (4) hours.